Garfield Seashell
When the sea goes out, Killian wanders on the huge deserted beach with his friend Maxime. Between the seaweed and the debris, the two boys are looking for this strange orange shell that has been washing up on the coast for decades: the Garfield telephone.

Director: Paul Marques Duarte (France) Qualification: London Director Awards


The House in the Middle of the Sea
After the Germans flooded large parts of The Netherlands towards the end of WWII in a last attempt to stop the Allied advance, the Brouwer family find themselves trapped in their attic surrounded by water.With their rations dwindling, the question of whether to stay in the house, or risk going to the Nazi-occupied dry land begins to divide the family.

Director: Marcel Ruizendaal (United Kingdom) Qualification: London Director Awards


A Perfect Balance of Absolute Chaos
A journey into the mind of Paralympian and British number 1, Rob Oliver, delving into his obsessive desire for podium glory and the personal impact of being milli-seconds from success.Mixing cinematic visuals with intimate storytelling, this visceral short documentary shines a light on the dark side of sporting success, questioning the ‘win-at-all-costs’ mentality, and understanding how the pressure-cooker environment of elite sport can create a toxic obsession that puts more than just medals on the line.An intense 10 minute doc that dives into the intersection of disability, mental health, and elite sport.

Director: Carl Woods (United Kingdom) Qualification: London Director Awards


During the summer of 2018 EYESORE travelled to Belgrade, meeting with a series of artists and collectives whose work reflects, re-imagines and re-creates their city. KOLEKTИV shows this journey across Belgrade, exploring the spaces the artists occupy, create and socialise in.

Director: David Dawson, Nina Vukadin (Serbia) Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


A Cross In The Desert
Pious girl Paraskeva, leaves her life in city of Constantinopole and after pilgrimage to Jerusalem, spends next 40 years in Jordan desert, fighting sins, temptations and inner demons. We follow her path from an ordinary girl to one of the most beloved female Saints in Christianity that is celebrate today.Beside lead story, we see relations between christians and muslims in 10th century. Side story shows us how two women (beduin arab girl Zaineb and Paraskeva) from different cultural, social and religious backgrounds share same human emotions, values, love and friendship with their pure hearts. Zaineb is her only friend during time in desert, also her mirror and reflection of the outside world.It is a story about how people can overcome own weaknesses. Topics of film are universal moral questions of mankind, and that makes it relevant today anywhere in the world.

Director: Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic (Serbia) Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


Mountains and heaven in between
Nestled in the heart of scenic Transcarpathia in the old-new nation of Ukraine is the tiny village of Kolochava. It is a backwater, with poor roads and few services, cut off from the rest of the world by towering, snow-capped mountains. There is a church in Kolochava but no hospital; workers but no jobs. It is the quintessential backwater, right smack in the middle of Europe, where Ukraine meets Slovakia and Romania, and where the nineteenth century meets the twenty-first.Holding the village together are its female paramedics. They travel the treacherous roads in even more treacherous weather, responding to every call, from drunkenness to melancholy to Covid-19. Armed with little more than a thermometer and a blood pressure cuff, they offer both moral and medical support to people who seem to have nowhere else to turn.We follow these women over the course of one winter, as they brave the elements to bring solace and healing. And along the way we meet people of all ages, celebrating and suffering, marrying and mourning, living lives that echo the lives of their grandparents and their grandparents before them. We visit them in the market and watch them in church, performing the same rituals that they have for generations. We watch young people rolling flaming tires into the river (a local Easter tradition), and join literally hundreds of guests at a young couple’s wedding.As we celebrate Easter and the season of rebirth, we can’t help wonder with the paramedics whether Kolochava itself will be reborn into something new, or whether things will carry on the way they always have. As much as the paramedics want change, it seems like it will take everything they have just to keep the status quo alive.

Director: Dmytro Hreshko (Ukraine) Qualification: Košice International Film Festival



Talk Like Somebody’s Listening
A Late Night TV obsessive with severe social anxiety discovers that he has a talent for communicating with people whenever he pretends to be a talk show host.

Writer: Ryan Costello (USA) Qualification: Chicago Script Awards


Both Worlds
“Both Worlds” is a colourful TV series about the life of Bella Beaumont, a 24-year-old Australian trying to “make it big” as a singer/ songwriter in London. Bella’s life and personality is rife with extremes and dichotomies. Outwardly she is confident, bold, glamorous; Bella is the girl we all secretly wish we were. The reality of her life, however, is far from this sexy, awe-inspiring persona. “Both Worlds” cuts indiscriminately between these 2 versions of her life: the broke 24 year old who struggles to keep a steady day job and drinks like a fish, and the rising superstar who dresses to the nines and is crushing life. Because the latter perspective is the product of Bella’s imagination, the show drifts in and out of reality. Bella’s view of the world is significantly altered by the music she listens to and therefore she often sees her own life from the outside as a musical or music video.

"Both Worlds" is a dark comedy, though the darkness is not immediately apparent. While the playfulness of Bella’s alter ego is fun and inviting, by the end of the first season we learn that her tendency to detach from real life is a coping mechanism. Bella is suffering from an extreme dissociative disorder as the result of childhood sexual abuse. She is living in her own imagination to escape the reality of what she’s been through and, in a way, has become trapped in this alternate version of her life. The first season of "Both Worlds" explores both the joy and the darkness of Bella's imaginary existence when her past comes back to haunt her and challenges the relationships and friendships she's built in her new life in London.

Writer: Artemis Wilson, Australia Qualification: Best Script Awards - London


Just two little words can change your world forever.

Writer: Josh Alexander, UK  Qualification: New York Script Awards