I am Human - Wolka

Four stories with melancholy mood connected by fire in the end. Music video.

Director: Daniel Le Hai (Poland)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards

Lucia's world

Welcome to Lucia's world! Lucie likes coke heads, koalas, drawing, and especially sleeping... It's even her favorite moment!

Director: cédrick spinassou, robin iff (France)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards

Talent - Wounded

Szabolcs has a special gift that he's been trying to hide from others in his whole life. His girlfriend however discovers it so it seriously affects their relationship and Szabolcs' life and way of thinking changes forever. Is it really good for him? Who's the one who really suffers?

Director: Ádám Vidovics (Hungary)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


Mona, her husband Theo and daughter Hanna live in an idyllic villa on the outskirts of Berlin. When the attractive 18 years old daughter of a friend comes to visit, the profound problems and fragility of the small family reveal, as a tragic downward spiral takes its inevitable course.

Director: Krishna Ashu Bhati (Germany)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards

Not an Orgy

A group of seven friends are forced to live together during the first wave of covid, and some of them are fancying on throwing an orgy. Anna on the other hand is sick of the idea. However, she has a secret crush on Peti, so she can’t just be the only one to miss out.

Dániel Bódis (Hungary)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


A young woman’s recurring dream, which points to a transformative event in the mountains, leads her to embark on a journey to herself. Finally she needs to decide if she faces her demonds.

Director: Louis Leininger (Germany)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


During the summer of 2018 EYESORE travelled to Belgrade, meeting with a series of artists and collectives whose work reflects, re-imagines and re-creates their city. KOLEKTИV shows this journey across Belgrade, exploring the spaces the artists occupy, create and socialise in.

Director: David Dawson, Nina Vukadin (Serbia)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


On 3 September 1939, a young woman mysteriously disappears. A private investigator is set to the case. What happened to Ilonka? Is she hiding from her abusive military officer husband? Did she engage in an illegal political movement? Or on the contrary, she fell in love and fled the country with a Jewish journalist? What if she became a spy, as the butler believes?
This detective story lets us peek into a society divided to the extreme on the brink of a global cataclysm.

Director: Zsolt Magyari, Claudia Benkő (Hungary)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards

I Would Do it Again

Director: Joana Brandão (Portugal)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards

Art of Crossing

Corporate employee and Student follow the same path, but in opposite directions. A collision is inevitable. Passing by is the obvious solution to this problem. Only that despite their best efforts, they cannot do it. So they try harder. Kung fu - harder.

Director: Tobiasz Wałkiewicz (Poland)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards

Memoirs of Métiers - About coal and love

They say that the charcoal burner is the devil's playmate... Young devils are misplaced in the huge pile he builds, and people teach them to be mores from outside. Although most of the talk is questionable, we can be sure that people, if not the devils, can learn a lot from Zoli.
At first glance, the life of the 44-year-old coal burner may seem lonely and monotonous, but this is not the case at all...
In addition to burning coal, he tells us about perseverance, motivation, love and other philosophical things.

Director: Krisztian Egry (Hungary)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


Three educated (and bored) twenty-somethings are working a dead-end job in a gas station. Their futures are grim. When a group of bank robbers turn up fresh from a heist and fresh out of fuel, things get a bit more interesting.

Director: Stu Gamble (Hungary)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


What is real? Experiences shaped in the melting pot of the mass media, and faceless chat rooms of internet sites, or imprints of real time events encountered during parties supported by the power of community?

Processes determined by economic interests, or a kind of “experiment” in which empathy and tolerance forge people together?

A small group of Hungarian artists, called Davoria, believes that reality can still be achieved. But the only way to get there is through freedom. Through free tekno.

Breaking away from the realm of the entertainment industry, and the clichés of the consumer society, they are trying to reunite their followers by tuning up the silence of abandoned factories.

By providing an overview of their activities, my film is seeking to give an insight into the principles that guide them during their everyday life.

Director: Robert Gyökér (Hungary)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards

A Cross In The Desert

Pious girl Paraskeva, leaves her life in city of Constantinopole and after pilgrimage to Jerusalem, spends next 40 years in Jordan desert, fighting sins, temptations and inner demons. We follow her path from an ordinary girl to one of the most beloved female Saints in Christianity that is celebrate today.

Beside lead story, we see relations between christians and muslims in 10th century. Side story shows us how two women (beduin arab girl Zaineb and Paraskeva) from different cultural, social and religious backgrounds share same human emotions, values, love and friendship with their pure hearts. Zaineb is her only friend during time in desert, also her mirror and reflection of the outside world.

It is a story about how people can overcome own weaknesses. Topics of film are universal moral questions of mankind, and that makes it relevant today anywhere in the world.

Director: Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic (Serbia)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


Talia loves nature.

Endlessly curious, she finds new ways to slip out of the house - pushing her boundaries to explore the world beyond her front garden.
Caught out on her latest adventure; her father forbids her to leave the house without his permission.

Lonely and bored, Talia soon discovers that the lady next door shares her curiosity for the wilderness through her beautiful garden.
Over the fence, Talia and Fareeda share their stories, and in doing so, their collective grief for all they have lost - striking up an unusual friendship along the way.

Director: Cara Bamford (United States)
Qualification: London Director Awards

A Butterfly Vanishes

Director: Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz (United States)
Qualification: London Director Awards


A very short film about a domestic abuse victim who doesn't have the courage to speak up or ask for help. Her aggressor monopolizes her thoughts and influences her actions, bringing up inside her conflicting emotions.

Director: Alina Ilin (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards

I Wish for You

A woman finds a long lost letter from her grandfather. As she reads it, his words evoke strong emotive memories as well as a love and hope for the world around us that transcends time.

Director: Stuart Rideout (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards

Mountains and heaven in between 

Nestled in the heart of scenic Transcarpathia in the old-new nation of Ukraine is the tiny village of Kolochava. It is a backwater, with poor roads and few services, cut off from the rest of the world by towering, snow-capped mountains. There is a church in Kolochava but no hospital; workers but no jobs. It is the quintessential backwater, right smack in the middle of Europe, where Ukraine meets Slovakia and Romania, and where the nineteenth century meets the twenty-first.

Holding the village together are its female paramedics. They travel the treacherous roads in even more treacherous weather, responding to every call, from drunkenness to melancholy to Covid-19. Armed with little more than a thermometer and a blood pressure cuff, they offer both moral and medical support to people who seem to have nowhere else to turn.

We follow these women over the course of one winter, as they brave the elements to bring solace and healing. And along the way we meet people of all ages, celebrating and suffering, marrying and mourning, living lives that echo the lives of their grandparents and their grandparents before them. We visit them in the market and watch them in church, performing the same rituals that they have for generations. We watch young people rolling flaming tires into the river (a local Easter tradition), and join literally hundreds of guests at a young couple’s wedding.

As we celebrate Easter and the season of rebirth, we can’t help wonder with the paramedics whether Kolochava itself will be reborn into something new, or whether things will carry on the way they always have. As much as the paramedics want change, it seems like it will take everything they have just to keep the status quo alive.

Director: Dmytro Hreshko (Ukraine)
Qualification: Košice International Film Festival

The Healers

Brave women in Mexico and Latin America take the risk to go to jail for making medicinal cannabis for their children. They will not stop fighting until cannabis is legalize.

Director: Rodrigo Occelli (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards

The State of Dissent

The film is the story of the filmmaker’s two activist friends who ran a famous blog known for satire of the powerful Pakistani military. One day they were illegally disappeared and brutally tortured by the army in a bid to silence them!

The film goes into rare details of what it was like inside Pakistan's notorious & secret torture cells and how the two bounced back and now continue their defiant activism in exile while being exposed to assassination attempts and death threats even abroad.

The story then takes a personal turn as the filmmaker’s cousin, a renowned human rights defender, goes missing at the hands of the military. His teenage daughter starts an international campaign for his release. Will he ever come out of the notorious torture cells alive? Will the daughter ever see her Papa again?

The State of Dissent examines what makes such dissidents put their lives at risk, their personal struggles and the massive price they pay for their ideals.

Director: Roshaan Khattak (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards


11-year-old Sean lives with his mother, a single parent with young-onset dementia. When the birthday boy returns home from school one afternoon, frustration and resentment rise to the surface, resulting in harsh realities being faced.

Director: Paul Riordan (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards

The House in the Middle of the Sea 

After the Germans flooded large parts of The Netherlands towards the end of WWII in a last attempt to stop the Allied advance, the Brouwer family find themselves trapped in their attic surrounded by water.

With their rations dwindling, the question of whether to stay in the house, or risk going to the Nazi-occupied dry land begins to divide the family.

Director: Marcel Ruizendaal (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards


A photographer interested in abandoned structures has an encounter with the resident of an old workshop.

Director: Maximillian Newcombe, Lidia Huerta (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards

Mary Anning & the Dinosaur Hunters

A feature film based on the true story of the life, plight and loves of 1800's pioneer palaeontologist Mary Anning of the Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England.
The film explores Mary's fight for survival and recognition of her magnificent prehistoric fossil discoveries, including spectacular Plesiosaurs, Ichthyosaurs and the Dimorphodon Macronyx - flying Pterosaur - plagiarised by scientific peers in patriarchal British society.
The film stars Jenny Agutter, Katharine Hamilton and Sharon Sheehan and was shot on location on Super 16mm film.
Written, Directed & Produced by Sharon Sheehan

Director: Sharon Sheehan (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards


Hostile is a feature-length documentary focusing on the UK’s complicated relationship with its migrant communities. Told through the stories of four participants from Black and Asian backgrounds, the film reveals the impact of the evolving ‘hostile environment’ - a term used by the UK government in 2012 to illustrate the atmosphere they wanted to create for migrants, with the intention of provoking them to leave of their own accord. Hostile explores how the lives of international students, members of the Windrush generation and so-called ‘Highly-Skilled Migrants’ have been affected. After decades of hostile immigration policies, Britain has reached a crisis point. With Brexit, the Points Based Immigration System and the Nationality and Borders Bill taking effect, the film asks: once the ‘hostile environment’ has targeted all migrants, who will it extend to next?

Alongside the harrowing stories of those affected by the hostile environment are the views of academics, politicians, and NHS workers. We hear from MPs Zarah Sultana and Stephen Timms, alongside academics Patrick Vernon, Gargi Bhattacharyya, Jeevun Sandher, Michael Bankole, Brad Evans and Maya Goodfellow, experts who provide historical context on the Hostile Environment, as well as NHS medics like Zana Khan and Dave Carr.

The music for the film was created by the award-winning Nitin Sawhney CBE, Ayanna Witter-Johnson and spoken word from George the Poet. Nitin Sawhney is also Executive Producer on the project, and features in the film.

Director: Sonita Gale (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards

Garfield Seashell

When the sea goes out, Killian wanders on the huge deserted beach with his friend Maxime. Between the seaweed and the debris, the two boys are looking for this strange orange shell that has been washing up on the coast for decades: the Garfield telephone.

Director: Paul Marques Duarte (France)
Qualification: London Director Awards


A mother with a substance misuse issue, has to prove herself on her path to recovery, to prevent her child from being taken away from her and placed into care.

THIS LITTLE GIRL is supported by BFI NETWORK with National Lottery funding with the film meeting the BFI Diversity Standards.

THIS LITTLE GIRL passes The Bechdel Test and is a Triple F-Rated film, having significant women on screen in their own right, and being written & directed by a woman.

This production has been awarded Albert Sustainable Production Certification as an Albert Carbon Neutral Sustainable Production.

Director: Annette Westwood (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards

A Perfect Balance of Absolute Chaos

A journey into the mind of Paralympian and British number 1, Rob Oliver, delving into his obsessive desire for podium glory and the personal impact of being milli-seconds from success.

Mixing cinematic visuals with intimate storytelling, this visceral short documentary shines a light on the dark side of sporting success, questioning the ‘win-at-all-costs’ mentality, and understanding how the pressure-cooker environment of elite sport can create a toxic obsession that puts more than just medals on the line.

An intense 10 minute doc that dives into the intersection of disability, mental health, and elite sport.

Director: Carl Woods (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards


Documentary short film following US singer Sabrina Kennedy as she finds herself at the Samhain celebrations in Glastonbury and dives into the hidden world of modern-day paganism in the UK.

US-born and London-based singer Sabrina Kennedy arrives in Glastonbury on the eve of Samhain: the Celtic precursor to modern-day Halloween. Following Sabrina through the UK’s unofficial spiritual capital, known to most as just the home of the eponymous music festival, WITCH, REBORN begins as a portrait of the singer’s spiritual path and relationship with the town. Through interviews with Sabrina, and captivating snapshots of the two-day festivities, the film dives into - and celebrates - the hidden world of modern-day paganism in the UK, as well as Sabrina’s own journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Maria Shevtsova (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards

Wait Till It Drops

A reckless dare to drop a rock from a London building turns into a tragic accident that shatters the lives of three schoolgirls forever.

Director:   Zara Chavasse (United Kingdom)
Qualification: London Director Awards

Ten out of the Ten


Director:  Imre Mazlo (Hungary)
Qualification: London Director Awards

The Art of Love

Eva is in her mid-50s and is stuck in a rut. Her marriage has lost all passion and she begins to write reviews for sex-toy start-up 'The Art of Love', hoping the extra cash will fund a holiday that could rekindle the spark. Adam, 34, earns his living as the face of the company, posing as Instagram's answer to Casanova. When the two are assigned a new project by their boss, Hector, they are less than enthusiastic about each other. But for the project to work, they need to leave their comfort zones, confront their loneliness and examine what they really want.

Director: Philippe Weibel (Switzerland)
Qualification: London Director Awards

The Mum in Me

'The Mum in Me' is a touching, brave and hyper relevant documentary about a taboo topic: What happens to a woman emotionally, mentally and socially when she is hit by involuntary childlessness? And how does the society react? The backdrop of this film is the fact that 15-25% of the population in Western countries are childless, and it is not being talked about in public.
The director is the storyteller taking the audience on a challenging, but also heartwarming and humorous personal journey together with other childless women and some psychology specialists. Not many filmmakers dare to invite into such a vulnerable life situation. This is a fragile and deeply honest journey into the existential depth of a woman's mind.

Director: Hilde Merete Haug (Norway)
Qualification: London Director Awards


A disgraced television presenter forms a pact with a desperate stranger.

Director: Dom Lee (UK)
Qualification: London Director Awards

Queen of Parks 

We follow the 'Queen' of Parks down London Thames, and there lies behind The Globe, a secret garden, frequented by modern day actors but originally by Shakespeare and the inspiration of many of his plays. We challenge the stereotypes of not using mature artists in film by leading this story with a seasoned, gifted, theatrical presenter.

Suzann Wade (UK)
Qualification: London Director Awards


Zygmunt and Halina live in a tiny council flat in Warsaw's Praga district. The surrounding poverty, diseases and their old age only emphasize the extraordinary "beauty" of their relationship and the fact that despite constant arguments, they are unable to live without each other.

Director: Małgorzata Paszko (Poland)
Qualification: Prague International Film Awards


In a world where water has special powers, a couple picks flowers throughout the forest to put them in a very precious place.

Director: Joke Duwaerts (Belgium)
Qualification: Prague International Film Awards

The Anxieties

Sinking, darkness, pounding, distress, anguish, fear... this is also a way to describe mental states called anxiety. Ten authentic testimonies of people who have experienced and overcome anxiety.

Director: Anežka Kozlová, Matyáš Lada (Czech Republic)
Qualification: Prague International Film Awards

Babel Carpenters

Gaston Froissard, a young Parisian priest, has decided to trade his Roman collar for the life of a monk in the Chartreuse. He was mysteriously called back by the diocese, which required him to immediately resume his priestly duties in a large Parisian parish. These few years of monastic life have profoundly changed the man he was, the effervescence of the city, the preoccupations of his entourage, everything seems out of sync with what animates the soul of this man of sharp principles.

The world around him seems to vacillate between reality and mystical visions, pushing his faith to its furthest limits. Father Froissard will eventually learn the real reason for his transfer to Paris, stunned by his fate, these trials will allow him to undertake the only true quest that the man expected of his life: That of reconnecting to the essential.

Director: Paul-Anthony MILLE (France)
Qualification: Prague International Film Awards

First May

The 30th anniversary and social expectations put pressure on Liza, who is constantly searching for a soulmate. However, one chance encounter can completely change the course of events.

Director: Iryna Kachalouskaya (Czech Republic)
Qualification: Prague International Film Awards

Following the Traces of the Past: Novobystřicko in the Shadow of War 

A two-part time-lapse documentary produced by the Interreg project with the support of the European Union. Novobystřicko in the Shadow of War combines surviving testimonies, historical facts and archaeological research of the Faculty of Arts of the University of South Bohemia into a unified whole. We can thus get a glimpse into the life and events of a border village that was separated from Czechoslovakia in 1938. It - like other similar villages - avoided the war for most of the time, only to fall into it at the very end of the war with all the tragic consequences, not only for it, but also for surrounding villages, such as Reingers in Austria.

Director: Ondrej Adler (Czech Republic)
Qualification: Prague International Film Awards

Beloved son

David is the only son of an animal trainer Tereza. Since David's birth, Tereza has known that her child were to have exceptional destiny. It all changed after Tereza had met a fortune-teller and found out her son's true fate.

Director: Yekaterina Rogova (Czech Republic)
Qualification: Prague International Film Awards

Floor Jansen - Storm

Shot in black and white, the film juxtaposes the ideas of facing the world while appearing calm on the outside, yet being capable of bringing the storm from within. The viewer moves through set ups that again pay no mind to how gravity or physical laws should work, but instead borrows from the world of Lynch to create dreamlike sequences.

Director: Sami Joensuu (Finland)
Qualification: Prague Music Video Awards

Måneskin – The Loneliest

The Loneliest by Måneskin. Official Music Video.

Director: Tommaso Ottomano  (Italy)
Qualification: Prague Music Video Awards

The Rasmus - Jezebel

Midnight, it's time to put your face on. I'm just the first shot on your hit list, a predator on wheels. Woke up with bruises on my body. Hands tied, like Jesus on the cross. Jezebel, I don't know how you got in my blood.

Director: Jesse Haaja (Finland)
Qualification: Košice International Film Festival

Počkám - MANU

The videoclip "POČKÁM" (I'll wait) focuses on the fight against domestic violence and violence against women. All violence is sensitively portrayed through scenic dance. The piece aims to support the victims and give them the courage to deal with the situation. The band has also teamed up with the Vodafone Foundation to support the Bright Sky app, which helps victims anonymously.

Director: Jaroslav Stuchlík (Czech Republic)
Qualification: Prague Music Video Awards


Shiqi, a young Chinese girl who loves Chinese calligraphy, studies in the beautiful Prague. She meets Hannah, an Italian girl whose vibrant personality hits her immediately. Shiqi tries to hide her feelings, but the heart-warming Hannah melts her from inside. Meanwhile, Shiqi’s father keeps calling in. Before she even summons up the courage to say anything, father’s storm of questions and unshakable authority put her into silence. What would Shiqi do? Will she leave Hannah, or will she stay?

Director: Manzanon (Czech Republic)
Qualification: Košice International Film Festival

Dreams, effort and pandemic

Knight of the vineyard, wandering orchardman, chef behind the window, natural craftsman and teacher of the flowers. Dreams, effort and pandemic is a portrait of five young entrepreneurs who live their dream and fulfil it with work. Together with them, we will see how to consume locally, think sustainably and at the same time be an inspiration to others.

Director: Jakub Šipoš (Slovakia)
Qualification: Košice International Film Festival

Rybár (The Fisher)

"The Fisher" is a short film set in a post - apocalyptic mountain landscape. In a small tribe of "People from the Great Water" an accident occurs with a sole witness. That version of the story is passed on through generations. But how did it actually happen?

Director: Marek Tomajka (Slovakia)
Qualification: Košice International Film Festival

Not an ordinary Mechanic

Nick Mecha is a person of many talents, who works as a mechanic at the workshop, but dreams to become a great dancer and perform on a big stage. But Nick's "luck" always gets him into different tricky situations. This is one of them.

Director: Jurijs Kruze (Latvia)
Qualification: Košice International Film Festival

Awohali (The Eagle)

Many of us are aware of the Native Americans in the west. Did you know that we also have Indian tribes in Europe? We even have them in the wild wild east of Slovakia. But, why?! The reasons for their escape to an alternative reality is revealed through one main character, the chief of the tribe - Miki. By exposing his diverse personas - a father, a worker and an Indian - he guides us towards understanding his actions and the motives of the tribe.

Director: Dominika Kováčová (Košice)
Qualification: Košice International Film Festival

Howling like we do

Can an independent thinker and artist change society?

Lajos Kassák was a self-educated working-class poet, a father of Hungarian Avant-garde, leftist thinker who believed in the revolutionary power of art.
His life surpasses many historical eras; he lived under the left and right-wing dictatorships, through wars and revolutions.
He was in a constant state of internal opposition, rejected by all the regimes he lived through. He never abandoned his ideals, even if faced with imprisonment, emigration or abandonment by his friends.
It has been over 50 years since the death of Lajos Kassak. What can we do with his legacy?
The film confronts Kassák's revolutionary, deeply human dilemmas with contemporary Hungarian and Slovak artists searching for their place in the radicalizing eastern european political climate. The film shows glimps from the life of a young artist working in a left-wing bar, a world traveler performance artist, an autodidact roma painter and an elderly artist who was a feminist symbol in the 70s.
What is society, activism, independence and success for them? What world order are they fighting for today?
Past and present meets, collides and shows eyes opening parallelities through an exciting documentary journey.

Director: Asia Dér (Slovakia)
Qualification: Košice International Film Festival


After breaking up with her boyfriend, Tereza returns home to her mother and brother Michal, a ten-year-old boy trapped in an adult body, not knowing that this return will change her life forever. In fact, the household she has returned to hasn't changed a bit, unlike hers. Mom still lives only for her son, and her brother takes precedence over her in everything. Tereza feels intensely that her mother should think more of herself... and of her. So she decides to make a move that will leave neither of them the same. The tragicomedy Together offers a glimpse into the workings of a family where love is not evenly distributed and where it is not customary to confide and talk openly about problems. Yet this is not a heavy drama, but a film that manages to find humour and hope even in dramatic situations
Director: Martin Müller, David Laňka  (Czech Republic)
Qualification: Košice International Film Festival


The unbelievable real life story of one of the most highly-respected immunologists and geneticists, Czech-Canadian Professor Emil Skamene. He devoted his life to uncovering the secrets of genes, while not knowing is own identity for many decades! He discovered that he was actually someone else by coincidence.

Director:  Alena Cincerova (Czech Republic)
Qualification: Košice International Film Festival


The story of a young man being persuaded to break up on the day of his proposal by his dead wife who came back from the future.

Director: Zhang Haoyu (China)
Qualification: London Director Awards


What will happen to us? What happens when humanity becomes extinct?
A new art video by artist Marielle Tepper shows us how the world may look before and after its end. The video illustrates a bleak dystopian future in which corporations have ruled the world and treated people as resources at the expense of their humanity. People work endlessly in closet sized cubicles. A self-destructive and murderous obsession with the sale of happiness in a non-existent earthly paradise has made people slaves to their own absurdity. In this machine all drops of humanity evaporate in the emotional aridity of a boundless desire to be in contact with someone. The image itself becomes a lived reality, the advertising claim (Lets Escape!) its credo. ‘Glitch’ takes on a deeper meaning here, visual distortions becoming an attempt to escape from reality. Is this the real world? What's behind it? Only by exiting do we discover it is a simulation, an image of a world that no longer exists. Welcome to a world where the last fragments of bizarre human gluttony are someone else's virtual entertainment.

Director: Marielle Tepper (Czech Republic)
Qualification: London Director Awards


This movie is an innovative docufilm about history of Lombard with an interaction between cinema and historical disclosure. It is focused on the story of Alboin, the first Lombard king arrived in Italy with his population and the foundation of the village of Romans. This village was an important military garrison of the Duchy of Friul and also it is important for the archeological finds (one of the largest Italian Lombard necropolises).

On 551 A.D. after a great victory against Gepids, the figure of Alboin as hero strongly emerged. Years of glory and deeds followed him until his fateful fate in Verona on 572 A.D., when he was killed after only few years of reigns, then his myth born.
In the midst of the events of this legendary king will be shown innovative images and strong emotional impact, where you will see how the Lombard people lived in Romans, an important crossroads of the Friulian plain where men and women developed a village that still exists.

Director: Simone Vrech (Italy)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


Vladimir, a brilliant student, is preparing to take his final exams. His mother, a true Balkan "Jewish mother", is taking good care of her beloved son. However, the carefree attitude of this great dreamer gets in the way of reality and may overtake his dreams of success.

Director:  Dimitri DRANDAREVSKI (France)
Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards

A Maiden Made Not of Clay

The setting of this story is the early modern Ireland. Many battles broke out. The lonely bard harper was stuck in the past memories and kept playing the harp to calm himself. He kept following his sorrow for having lost his lover in the war and couldn't be happy. The beautiful butterfly flying around him was out of his sight. When he saw his lost lover's illusion, and it disappeared, his emotion exploded with anger for her death in the ridiculous war. After he blasted out all his emotion, he got some space in his mind. His mind was back to the present and noticed there was a butterfly flying around him. He received telepathy from the butterfly that the butterfly was his lost lover, their beautiful memories were still alive in her, she didn't vanish but became phantasmagoric, and see and support him from everywhere. When he knew the truth, his emotional scars were healed and he was released from the past and decided to live brightly for the future.

Director:  Kohei Takeda, Shumile (Japan)
Qualification: Prague Music Video Awards


Zadra (Splinter) is a talented girl from the housing estate, who is fighting for recognition on the rap scene. Although she seems like an ordinary teenager, in front of the microphone she gains incredible energy and charisma, thanks to which she can captivate crowds. But in an environment full of testosterone, it's hard to find a place for people like her. Zadra fights for her dreams, but most of all for a better life for her family. Still, music isn't everything, because Zadra’s choices will be greatly influenced by love.

Director:  Grzegorz Molda (Poland)
Qualification: European Short Awards

Take your space

The first feature-length documentary on Mexican urban art and graffiti was shot over the course of four years without any financial support from institutions. It is based on the coexistence of the community of Mexican urban artists, is independent and one hundred percent free in its expression. It also extends to the other branches of Mexican hiphop and skateboarding. The documentary familiarizes us with the development of the movement from its beginnings to the present day with a focus on its essence of rebellion and resistance. It presents urban arts as a path of freedom and independence of an individual, who is confronting the global power of the capitalist system and its attempt to invade our lives and the way we behave. The film also points to the characteristic feature of Mexican counterculture in relation to the resistance of native cultures.

Director:  Karolína Alvarez  (Czech Republic)
Qualification: European Short Awards


Peaceful and ordinary afternoon turns into a horrifying experience for a wealthy family from the kitschy suburbs when a sleazy cosmetics peddlers Adam (Jiří Černý) and Sonia (Krystyna Pekala) knock on their door. Their initially friendly offers in an instant turn into a pathological need to force their products on the mother (Kateřina Janečková), daughter (Zuzana Novotná) and her boyfriend (Šimon Holiš), until the situation escalates from a grovelling imposition to a fear for the bare lives of all three inhabitants of the house. However, the real reasons and motivations of the usurpers have yet to come to light.

  Michael Bukovanský  (Czech Republic)
Qualification: European Short Awards


A young influencer and eco-activist, Elis accidentally meets Karl, the son of a local agro-baron. Together with Erika and Jáchym, who form an influential ecological cell, they decide to use Karel to get to the party of a famous fashion designer. However, he does not come there to hang out with other fashion snobs, but with the intention of sabotaging the work of her fur farm by kidnapping her most beloved furry thing...

Eco-terrorists is a short "clip" adventure black-comedy crime film.

  Pavel Bartovský (Czech Republic)
Qualification: European Short Awards

Seeds of goodness 

Can you imagine that helping others for free would fill you with satisfaction? Or even happiness (maybe euphoria)? That you should and would want to devote yourself to it along with all your other duties? Why? What kind of idea is that?

For fourteen-year-old Ángel it is very difficult to make friends. His loving parents will provide, manage and take care, but they also know how valuable contacts with other close beings are for Ángel. So they search...

The documentary depicts the triangle of relationships between a autistic boy, his parents and nine volunteers. What do these three parties give and receive from each other? What challenges do they face? And can volunteering be a path to happiness?

Director:  Josef Dvorak  (Czech Republic)
Qualification: European Short Awards


The Bishop and the Actor. In the same prison cell in 1944. The Actor's task: to guide the Bishop through his tragic life until his death. Time travel. Will you take the role of Bishop Faust? Wouldn't it be better to give up now? A real life, an extraordinary fate. The passionate, constant struggle between Priest and Actor, which is in all of us.

Director:  Zsolt Pozsgai (Hungary)
Qualification: European Short Awards

The End of the World

Jitka and Jaromir, a married couple in their seventies, live their routine-filled day-to-day life while constantly getting on each other's nerves.
Upon hearing on the radio that the end of the world is coming, they start working together to get ready for the apocalypse. When the day finally comes, they have to deal with a surprising twist of events, which ends up being a beginning of a new, unexpected adventure.

Director:  Aleksandra Podziewska (Czech Republic)
Qualification: European Short Awards

Dream Prisoners

The purpose of this documentary movie is to spread information about maladaptive daydreaming phenomen, which might help people suffering from it and their surroundings. The film shows this phenomenon, underlines the reasons for its occurrence and manifestations,describes the dangers associated with it, and also provides suggestions on how to manage the mental state. This movie is based on people's real stories suffering from maladaptive daydreaming and the scientific opinions of two clinical psychologists, incl. Eli Somer , Ph.D. (Somer first described this phenomenon in 2002).

Directors:  Elena Rubtsova, Lilya Glants (Czech Republic)
Qualification: European Short Awards

Michael Kocáb - rocker versus politician

Michael Kocáb is an inherently significant figure in Czech culture, politics and civil society. Michael Kocáb contributed greatly to the dialogue between the communist power and dissent in the dramatic post-revolution days after 17 November 1989 and, as a Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission, he managed the withdrawal of the Soviet forces from Czechoslovakia. The film is built by blending three motifs: Michael Kocáb – private life, Michael Kocáb – the musician and Michael Kocáb – citizen and politician.

Director:  Olga Sommerová (Czech Republic)
Qualification: European Short Awards

Oscar's lovers

Arthur, 22, has a virtual relationship with Oscar. When Arthur asks Oscar to return the money that Arthur lent him, Oscar disappears. Arthur writes to all of Oscar’s contacts on Messenger, hoping to find Oscar. Only one person replies, Jade. She tells Arthur to go away because Oscar is her boyfriend. However, Jade decides to meet with Arthur.

   Lottie Andersen (France)
Qualification: European Short Awards

The First Night

A tragicomedy based on the eponymous short story by Luigi Pirandello, which was first published in 1900. While the original story takes place in Sicily, the plot of this film adaptation is set in a contemporary Czech village. Due to various family interests, the young violinist Anička and the widowed, aging gravedigger František are forced into an unwanted marriage by their relatives. We thus follow a story about loneliness, about love beyond the grave, but also about trying not to resent life and learning to move on, even though the loss of our loved ones still hurts.

Director:  Silvia Gregorova (Czech Republic)
Qualification: European Short Awards

As we always planned

Misi (24) finds himself in a mysterious institute with no memories, and a crippling headache. Around him many seem to be the same, but more used to the situation. He soon meets Juli (22) - a fellow inmate of this prison, or whatever this place is. Although she seems unreliable, Juli happens to know much more about their situation than Misi does, and she's only gonna tell anything under one condition: if they escape together.

  Zsolt Venczel (Hungary)
Qualification: European Short Awards

The Mantis Case

The story begins with the sad end of the mantis marriage. The loving woman and wife, who is left alone with her young son, try to cover up traces of her horrific deeds. The film The Mantis Case deals with questions: Whether she is caught for her actions and whether she deserves punishment at all. The film is inspired by the short story Lamb to the Slaughter by the British writer Roald Dahl. However, it is also enriched by the symbolic stylization of the characters and the dry humor underlining the absurdity of the whole situation.

Director:  Eva Trundová (Czech Republic)
Qualification: European Short Awards

Mysterious forest

A nature film on Northern Hungary’s Börzsöny Mountains. This particular forest is filled with stories. These stories interact, intertwine and embrace each other.
Director:  Attila Végh (Hungary)
Qualification: European Short Awards


In Natal, the Northeast of Brazil, the country is preparing to launch its first manned spaceship into space.
A couple lives with their two children near the space center, the husband is a mechanic while the wife is a cleaning lady, who dreams of other horizons.

Director:  Carlos Segundo (France)
Qualification: European Short Awards


Anjela Pencheva has suffered from Cerebral Palsy since birth, but the difficult diagnosis has never broken her spirit and has turned her into a writer, an actress and a dancer. Through her work and with her computer generated voice, she participates in various initiatives for the rights of the people with disabilities and inspires everyone who has met her.

Director:  Vilma Kartalska (Bulgaria)
Qualification: European Short Awards

Nothing's Left

"Nothing's Left" is a haunting depiction of several aspects of our society, an abstract vision exploring the ideas behind privacy, social media and consumerism. Each one of us is both an architect and a pawn of this system but is there a way to unplug from the cycle?

Director:  Davide Pellino (Italy)
Qualification: European Short Awards

Other Cannibals

In a remote valley eaten away by industrial towns, Fausto and Ivan meet to break humanity’s most persistent taboo. But going extreme isn’t that easy, as Ivan’s arrival forces Fausto to confront with his everyday life, his despotic mother, and the ghost of a past, unsolved grief.

Director:   Francesco Sossai (Germany)
Qualification: European Short Awards

Bullets over Marseille

The film is based on a transcript from the trial assassins on the french Minister Louis Barthue and King Alexandar of Yugoslavia in Marseille 9. October 1934. The thesis of the film is that WWII start that day in Marseille and the first victim was the two European greatest peacemaker of that time.

Director: Gordan Matic (Serbia)
Qualification: European Short Awards

Chernobyl On Wheels

Honza Dušek, who is confined to a wheelchair decied to get look at places that unfortunately look completely different today. Honza's story is a story of multiple sclerosis, which is an insidious disease that attracted Honza to a wheelchair. But the illness did not make him want to know and believe. And so, after the pilgrimage to Santiago (2017 - Camino on wheels), Honza set out on another expedition. This time to Ukraine to examine the Chernobyl zone in detail. And in addition to the stop in Kiev, he tried to climb the highest mountain in Ukraine, the Hoverla. And how did it all turn out? You know, you find out in the cinema.

Director: Eva Toulová (Czech Republic)
Qualification: European Short Awards


Elias, 17 years old, suddenly loses his father. In high school as at home, his mother and friends await his reaction which does not arrive. Elias goes on with his life as if nothing had happened.

Director: Mathilde Poymiro (France)
Qualification: European Short Awards


After hiding between two walls in their home, surrounded by pillows and armed with a hammer and axe in fear of rape, a young Ukrainian artist and her mum escaped bombed Kyiv - finding shelter in Chamonix, France.
Director: Karol Jaworski-Richards (France)
Qualification: European Short Awards


The authoritarian authorities declare a state of siege. A visually impaired old man becomes commander of the defence. The city becomes a closed fortress. The manipulated inhabitants trust the propaganda and eagerly prepare for defence. The regime introduces morning gymnastics as part of its mobilisation. Volunteers appear, ready to die for the cause. The protagonist, torn inwardly, wants to escape and hides in an armoured ball. To emphasise the threat, the authorities decide to fire a cannon at the enemy. The fortress becomes history, but the demons of war never sleep....

Director: ZALESKY'S Slawek Zalewski (Poland)
Qualification: European Short Awards


“Cruiser” shows fragments of a subculture practiced in the German city of Oberhausen, that transfers symbols and practices of the outlaw motorcycle scene to cycling. Jan is awarded the group's patch at the campfire, Hercules makes tea in the workshop and Sidney gets a Mohawk haircut by his father.
The group's rituals and the sensuality of their two-wheelers are at the center of the film alongside the construction of masculinity.
Documentary observations are contrasted with a 16mm plane, in which symbols, codes and poses of the group are contextualized in an pictorial language.

Director: Felix Bartke, Nils Ramme (Germany)
Qualification: European Short Awards


Little Warrior / Written by Huw Lewis, UK / Qualification: European Short Awards
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  / Written by Tom Matthews, UK / Qualification: New York Script Awards
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  / Written by David Earle, USA / Qualification: New York Script Awards
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