In 1943, a Jewish family hides from the nazi roundups. Adam, a 10-year-old boy, following a strange dream, starts a mysterious countdown.

Director: Mario d'Anna, Stefano Mangoni (Italy)

Qualification: Prague International Film Awards


A tragicomic existentialist tale of an alternative encounter between two misplaced, identity-confused teenagers Mada and Ave, who, despite a failed assault, develop empathy, understanding and feelings for each other.

Director: Louise Hylland (Denmnark)

Qualification: London Director Awards


‘Our Land’ is the story of Britain’s black farmers, food growers and activists who are shaking up the system; carving their own path in the predominantly white agricultural industry.

Director: Alexandra Genova (United Kingdom)

Qualification: London Director Awards


A psychological drama based on true events describes the post-war destinies of a former representative of the Protectorate collaboration and the leader of the so-called Curatorium for the Education of Youth in Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Hitler Youth), Dr. František Teuner. In a communist prison of the 1950s, he gained the sympathy of most prisoners with his dedicated approach as a prison doctor. Karel Kalina is not among them... 

Director: Ondřej Veverka (Czech Republic)

Qualification: Košice International Film Festival


An atmospheric tale blurring fantasy and reality to tell the story of August, a recently disabled teenager in America’s deep south. One night August sees a flash in the sky and begins having strange dreams that beckon her to a cave in the woods. Here she encounters a mysterious injured boy called "The Traveler", who needs her help.

Director: Kirby McClure (USA)

Qualification: London Director Awards


This documentary is an in-depth account of the San Francisco Bay Area's shared experience during the first year of the COVID19 pandemic. A journalistic response by filmmaker Robert Silver to a once in a life time event.

Director: Robert M Silver (United Kingdom)

Qualification: London Director Awards


This movie is an innovative docufilm about history of Lombard with an interaction between cinema and historical disclosure. It is focused on the story of Alboin, the first Lombard king arrived in Italy with his population and the foundation of the village of Romans. This village was an important military garrison of the Duchy of Friul and also it is important for the archeological finds (one of the largest Italian Lombard necropolises).

Director: Simone Vrech (Italy)

Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


Mona, her husband Theo and daughter Hanna live in an idyllic villa on the outskirts of Berlin. When the attractive 18 years old daughter of a friend comes to visit, the profound problems and fragility of the small family reveal, as a tragic downward spiral takes its inevitable course.

Director: Krishna Ashu Bhati (Germany)

Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


Four stories with melancholy mood connected by fire in the end.

Director: Daniel Le Hai (Poland)

Qualification: Budapest Movie Awards


Szabolcs has a special gift that he's been trying to hide from others in his whole life.His girlfriend however discovers it so it seriously affects their relationship and Szabolcs' life and thinking changes forever. Is it really good for him? Who's the one who really suffers?

Director: Ádám Vidovics (Hungary)


Mr. Alois Němec works as a tower guide in the iconic tower of the Dean's Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Písek. He kindly provides people with information about the building, the city, and history. In addition, in his free time, he also likes to take photographs, mainly of all corners of the town of Písek, due to which he is willing to step on or climb to an ideal high place (trees, roofs of houses, and chimneys) and in any weather. He usually composes photographs in advance. However, some photos are even more unique and exciting because they were created by the magic of the moment, and those are the ones that appeal to the visitors of the tower the most. He fulfills his life philosophy "to be useful" today and every day, not only by service in the tower but also by contact with people and the spread of joy, goodness, and love around him.

Director: Matěj František Preisler (Czech Republic)

Qualification: Brno Film Festival


Fourteen-year-old drug runner Johnny is staying in a home for young people from difficult backgrounds. He dreams of a better life. One day, he meets the successful actor Anthony who becomes a regular customer. A bond develops between them and both decide to take a different path.

Director: Jeroen Perceval (Belgium)

Qualification: Brno Film Festival


The tides are coming. Feelings disappear. In the new music video of german pop singer Lisa Spielmann, we dive into a sad but beautiful parallel world, made of concrete and water.

Director: Jakob Reuter (Germany)

Qualification: Prague Music Video Awards


Captain Marvin woke up locked in a rescue module on an alien without a single memory of what happened. His chances of rescue are vanishing and his mental state in isolation deteriorates. However, over time, he discovers that not everything is as it seems.

Director: Patrik Polák (Czech Republic)

Qualification: Brno Film Festival


Coming of (Middle) Age (Katy Schutte, UK) - qualification: Best Script Awards - London
Betrothed, a Crusades Romance (Ruth Finnegan, UK) - qualification: Best Script Awards - London
The Magpie Drop (Miles Anthony, United Kingdom) - qualification: Best Script Awards - London
Secret Library (Laurel King, USA) - qualification: Best Script Awards - London
CUPIDO (Matthew James Eadon, USA) - qualification: Best Script Awards - London
Headache (Asia Yen, USA) - qualification: New York Script Awards
Another Love (Andrew Brannan, USA) - qualification: New York Script Awards
The Trial of Jean Gump (Joan Kufrin, USA) - qualification: Chicago Script Awards
A Stretching Moment (Ashley Bligh Dighton, Australia) - qualification: Chicago Script Awards
Edgar and the Undead (Montgomery Burt, Canada) - qualification: Chicago Script Awards
The Fabricators of Eccentricities: Arizona (Bob DiRoss, USA) - qualification: Chicago Script Awards
Living in the past (Bernhard Riedhammer, Germany) - qualification: Chicago Script Awards