Chris Dann

Writer of HARRY'S END nominated for 2022/23 Edition

Paramedic with over twenty years experience on the front-line, now using that to write.

I love writing drama and humour scripts with a passion for telling stories inspired by true events.

What is your project about?
Inspired by a true event, this dark humorous story is about a man whose despair has driven him to the ultimate decision anyone could make, deciding to take his own life. And take it in the most horrific way. Harry's ex has taken everything from him, money, respect and his dignity. So, sat in a car in a field with a suicide letter in one hand, Harry holds a noose with the other end trailing out the window and tied to a fence stake.                                                                                                       

What are your ambitions with your project?
To gain a producer's attention and bring this true tale to life.

Tell us something about your writing. What pleasantly surprised you?
It felt uncomfortable at first, writing a story about mental health and suicidal thoughts, especially this story and ending one's life in such a way. But, the more I got into the writing, the more I felt the character has some kind of resolution, call it Karma.

Why should distributors buy your script?
Mental health issues among males, is still seen as a taboo subject to many men. So, bringing this story in a humorous way to life, will hopefully continue the fight to shed some of the stigma, against men opening up and talking. If it gets produced and helps save one man's life...job done!

Which topics interest you the most?
As a Paramedic with over twenty years' experience on the front-line, I've witnessed many events /stories...some humorous, some not so. I am drawn to humour as an escape from my real-world job and writing stories inspired by true events and the real life.