Golden Art Film Academy is an independent film academy that brings together several festivals, educates beginning filmmakers, offers a presentation of its projects, various pitchings, exhibitions, film screenings. The aim of the academy is to bring together filmmakers from all over the world and help create new working relationships. The best projects of the year are also awarded a financial prize 5,000 USD which they will receive in the form of various movie rewards.


The online event will take place in 2023 via Online Screening, where we will announce the nominees and winners of individual categories. During this event, you will be able to join and be part of our first award for the best independent projects in 2022/23.

Which means in the form of various movie rewards?

1. Official Diploma
2. Official Laurel
3. Prepared festival strategy for your project - we will set up a program for sending applications according to your budget and recommend some Oscar-qualif festivals.
4. Reviewing your project
5. 100 percent discount on all qualifying festivals within two years.
6. Spotlight on our academy website.
7. You will receive an Oscar-winning feature film script (this thing is just a bonus gift).

WATCH Golden Art Film Academy 2022/2023 Online Event

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